Moda no ritmo do Rock

Moda e rock sempre balançaram no mesmo ritmo e nas mesmas tendências

Uma não sobrevive sem a presença da outra.

Exemplo disto é o recente clip  Suit & Tie  de Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z que usa moda nas imagens e no titulo da música.

Não só o rock, mas diversas correntes musicais “vestiram” suas letras com roupas e acessórios de moda

Elaborei uma lista de canções que homenageiam a moda como sugestão de trilha sonora para os que curtem fashion até na hora de ouvir um som.

Alta Rotação

ouvindo um som

Musica                            Artista

Accessory                                                  Jordyn Taylor

Blue Jeans                                                Jessie James

Boots & Boys                                             Ke$ha

Baubles, Bangles and Beads                    The Kirby Stone Four

Bell-Bottom Trousers                              Louis Prima

Black Denin Trousers                              The Cheers ou Vaughn Monroe

Black Slacks                                             Joe Bennet & the Sparkletones

Blue Suede Shoes                                     Carl Perkins ou Elvis Presley

Blue Velvet                                               Tony Bennett

Change Clothes                                        Jay-Z

Dress You Up                                           Madonna

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend           Marilyn Monroe

Diamonds are Forever                              Shirley Bassey

Diamonds on The Soles of Your Shoes   Paul Simon

Dedicated Follower of Fashion                The Kinks

Dressed to Kill                                          KISS

Dandelion                                                Charlotte Gainsbourg

Diva                                                          Beyoncé

Fashion                                                     David Bowie

Fashion                                                     Lady Gaga

Fashionista                                               Jimmy James

Fashion Victim                                        Green Day

Fashion Is Danger                                    Flight of the Conchords

Fashion Nugget                                        Cake

Fabolous Throw It in the Bag                  The-Dream

Glam                                                        Christina Aguilera

Girl in Their Summer Clothes                 Bruce Springstein

Girl in a T Shirt                                       ZZ Top

Glamorous                                               Fergie

Golden Earrings                                       Peggy Lee

Hey Little Rich Girl                                Amy Winehouse

Harajuku Girls                                         Gwen Stefani

High-Hell Sneakers                                 Jerry Lee Lewis

Hot Pants (She got to use what she got) James Brown

I Said My Pajamas                                  Doris Day

Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini        Brian Hyland

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night             Corey Hart

Labels or Love                                        Fergie

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress     The Hollies

Lipstick on Your Collar                          Connie Francis

Leather Jackets                                        Elton John

Lady Red                                                 Chris de Burgh

Mini-Skirt Minnie                                   Wilson Pickett
My Adidas                                               Run DMC

Mannequin                                               Britney Spears

New Shoes                                               Paulo Nutini

No Shoes                                                  John Lee Hooker

Power in my Purse                                   Marci X

Picture Perfect                                          Chris Brown

Pretty Green                                             Mark Ronson

Paris Hilton’s Closet                                Ke$ha

Pink Shoe Laces                                       Janet King

Red Dress                                                 Sugarbabes
Short Skirt and a Long Jacket                  Cake

Suit & Tie                                                  Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z

Supermodel                                              Jill Sobule

Supermodel (You Better Work)               RuPaul

Sharp Dressed Man                                  ZZ Top

Shoppin’ For Clothes                               The Coasters

T-Shirt                                                      Shontelle

These Boots Are Made For Walking       Nancy Sinatra

Venus in Blue Jeans                                 Jimmy Clanton

Vogue                                                       Glee Cast ou Madonna

Women in Uniform                                  Skyhooks

White Sport Coat                                      Marty Robbins

You Look Good In My Shirt                    Keith Urban

Yes, It’s (Please Don’t Wear Red Tonight) The Beatles